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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lesson 11 - How to Draw a Mouth

To draw a mouth, first you need to start with a diamond shape. A full diamond is too wide, though.
What you need is a 'squashed' diamond like pictured just above. It should look like an elephant sat on it. Next, draw a line horizonally through the middle of the diamond.
Look at your mouth in a mirror. Your upper lip has a dip in the middle of it. Draw a dip.
On the bottom of your upper lip is a bump, almost the same shape as the dip on the top edge. Put your bump in.
Now look at your lower lip in the mirror. Most lower lips have a flattened area on the very bottom. Cut a line across the bottom.
Next, we'll refine the shape where the two lips meet. Starting on either edge of the bump, bring the line just barely above the center straight line. Keep this VERY subtle - no huge roundings, just slight gentle curves.
Now take the upper curves VERY gradually under the center line. Again, keep it very subtle, as a gentle swoop.
Next, take the end of that swoop and level it back out to follow the center line to the edge of the mouth. Look in a mirror at the shape in the center of your lips. Does it start with the bump, then go up, then down, then straighten? Not all mouths do, but most will.
You have the basic shape of the mouth. Now to erase your helping lines.
Last, round out the pointed edges on your upper lip, and the squared out flattened area on your lower lip. Ta-da! You have awesome lips with great shape!
Just remember that each mouth is unique. There will be slight variations in the width of the upper and lower lips, the bumps and dips in the middle, and the length of the mouth. But this pattern will get you started.

You can plug this mouth, your nose, and eyes into the face proportions from lesson 8. All you need now are ears and hair.

Next week: How to draw ears.


  1. Where were you when I was drawing mouths that looked like inflated but flattened hearts?
    This is a great instructional post!


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