My name is Jonene Ficklin, and I'm a full-time wife, mom, writer, and professional artist. I've been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I use colored pencils, oil paints, and watercolors. I love what I do!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why I Draw

There’s something surreal about taking an image and making it reappear from the end of a pencil.

One tiny scratch, then another, and another. Line after line makes a face appear, a mountain rise off the paper, a bird come to life.

The soothing pencil sounds, and the images taking shape are terribly addictive. For a while, the world disappears. My mind is perfectly clear and open, available to think about everything – or nothing at all.

Time slows down. I feel my breath going in and out, my pulse slowing as I find my rhythm. (If you don’t like yoga – give this a try.)

Then again, I’ve experienced ‘artist’s high’, the mad excitement as I near the end of a drawing, the absolute delight when I place the final stroke and step away to see.

That’s why I draw. Art is many things – soothing, exciting, scintillating, otherworldly. You can escape. Or not. Many times, I’ve had the most wonderful conversations with my family or friends as I sat at the table drawing.

Often, when my children were young, they’d wander around chattering at me as I worked (work is the wrong word. Actually it's the best way to play). I chose drawing over painting then, because it was easy to lay it aside and take care of my children when they needed me. And then, just as easily, I could go right back to it.

But many times, they’d sit down beside me and draw, too.

Now that’s every artist’s dream! As I’ve mentioned before, my father is a professional artist. I spent many hours drawing in tandem with him as he painted - and chewing his ear off with hours of conversation. I felt very close to him, even through my teenage years.

Even now, every once in a while, I get to experience the same with my teenagers and I love it!

Is there something you did with your father or mother that you now enjoy doing with your children? (It’s the best, isn’t it?)


  1. It is fun. You've addicted me. Thanks btw. :)

  2. Leisha, you're welcome - and sorry!

  3. With my mom, it's probably cooking, or sewing. It's relaxing and fun. Great post--I can see why you can't wait to finish that last stroke of the pencil!

  4. How wonderful to feel so at one with your work. Your drawings are so detailed, it must take you a long time to finish one.

    When I write, my daughter often sits next to me and uses my old laptop to write her own story. She takes my 3x5 cards and outlines a little plot, then organizes them and types away. It's great. She has quite the imagination.

  5. Julie, it does take a while to finish a drawing, but I love every minute of it. What an awesome thing to have your daughter write, too! That's got to feel great!

  6. Wow!~ Jonene, it was a pleasure to meet you too! I am loving your blog, and it was such a treat to read why you love to draw. I love to know reasons why people do things that make them happy. I am glad you have such a passion for drawing!

  7. Libby, thanks! And me, too. Loved your blog and seeing your wonderful adventures abroad. It's so great that you share your love of traveling. I felt like I'd been there, too!


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