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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lesson 19 - Prismacolor Tahitian Girl - Lips

Okay, we're ready to draw the lips. First, accent the highlight along the left edge with White.

We're ready to focus on shadows now. Using Dark Umber #947, shade in the corners of the mouth on the right.

Lay in the warm color. Using Mahogany Red #1029, add a light layer. Notice how the color changes as it goes over your pre-drawn shadow and highlight. Isn't that fun?

Now, just between the highlight and Mahogany Red, add a thin edge of Peach #939, to create variation to the highlight and shadow.

Henna #1031 is a beautiful color. Use it to go over all of the lips except the very edge of the white highlights on the edge. You're using some pressure now, mixing it into the shades beneath.

Using Beige #997, go back and push in some more highlights as they ride over the natural folds in the lips. Keep them fuzzy for now. You can sharpen them if you want to by going around them with either the shadows or main tones.

Taking White, put in a really strong layer over the highlights on the left side. This makes the dark look much darker.

Now you're ready to burnish it. Using Henna (for the all areas except the highlights, and White in the highlighted areas, go back over all the previous colors, filling in all the the spotty holes, and smoothing over any lines you don't like. You can really push the colors around, but you have to be careful not to take it too far. The balance only comes by playing with it.

Okay. That works. Here's a bigger view.

Come back next week for the next piece!


  1. That is so very awesome. I love watching this develop step by step. It's like time lapse photography but with art.

  2. I like sharing it, because it shows my mess-ups, too. Sometimes you just have to try stuff to see if it works. That's why I really like Prismacolors. They're very forgiving and great at reworking the area.

  3. I love watching the progression. This is so cool.


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