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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Missing Assassins

It's late at night and I'm doing the usual mom stuff: tucking kids in bed, making sure the doors are locked, turning down the thermastat, flipping off lights, and putting a few things away. I've already turned off the light in the office when I go in to turn the computer off.

Sitting next to it is my daughter's school book. It's tilted to the side, and as I reach for the mouse, my eyes skim over the second word in the title. It reads 'Assassins'. I'm tired, so it takes my mind a moment to register.

Assassins? What's my daughter doing with a book about assassins? I glance at the first word. It reads 'Missing'.


My daughter has a book about missing assassins? What are they teaching in school?

By now, my tired brain is so mixed up, I have to flip the light on and look at the book properly.

That makes a difference. It really reads 'Nursing Assistants'.

I started laughing. Sometimes a mind is a scary place. It's funny what it will do with a few letters read quickly in semi-darkness by an exhausted brain.

But you know what? The next few minutes were fun. What-if's began and I got to go to bed chuckling.

Ideas are a blast, even if they come from a messed-up mind.


  1. I love the milk box pic and the idea of learning about assassins at school is intriguing. If I were your daughter, I'd complain about the nursing thing. :) And your mind is awesome.

  2. Leisha, it was fun letting the idea run away . . . like what if the assassins were recruited high school students that took gymnastics? What if the course were hidden inside the nursing program? What if only tired people walking around in half-light could see the hidden codes? (I'll quit now, ha ha!)

  3. The last time I was in hotel, I used their hotel shampoo. Under "SHAMPOO" it said "PUTRIFYING"
    I had to read it three times before I realized it said "Purifying", LOL!

  4. Lydia, that's a good one - boy, could you have fun with a thought like that! I hope it smelled good. : )

  5. Messed up mind? Naw... I'm thinking just a mommy mind. ;) That's how I feel lots of times too!

    Hey, I have an award for ya!

  6. Elizabeth, thanks! Mommy minds are busy ones - sometimes too busy. : )


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