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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's in Your Bag?

While I fixed dinner, I heard my daughter laughing in our front room, and then she called, "Mom, come here."

I walked in to find her sitting by her empty purse, surrounded by a boatload of girl treasures.

She said, "Can you believe all the stuff I had in there?"

(Well, yeah, I could, because I'm a purse-stuffing junkie, too. You learn to be prepared when you're a mom of multiple children.) Instead, I said, "Holy cow!"

Then she took me on a tour. "Look, I've got nine lipglosses."

"And I've got eight things to write with." (Aha! Now I know where all the pens and pencils went.)

"Look at all this change." (That's how I know she's home. She jingles when she comes in the door.)

I saw three packs of gum and three packs of mints,
Bangles and baubles, a wallet of zebra prints,
Makeup, and taffy enough for a team,
Sanitizer, keys, cell phone and cream.

All right, there's more, and I'll quit rhyming now. But did you notice the full-size, hard-bound book??? Now we're talking. That's a killer clutch. Actually my hubby calls it a granny purse. (He had a good laugh when she came home with it for the first time. It was big enough to hide a smart car in.)

And other than having to spend the rest of her life with one shoulder lower than the other, she could take on any boy scout. You know . . . Be Prepared.

I think I'll go see what's in my purse.


  1. Ha! Cute! I only buy purses that can accomodate notebooks, books, and manuscript pages. A girl has to have priorities. :)

  2. Leisha, you definitely have your priorities straight! I hope your purse doesn't weigh more than child D, though.


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