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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Beautiful Creation Called a Hair Dryer

You want to know one of my favorite modern devices? Yup, you guessed it. A hair dryer. It has multiple uses. Not only does it dry your hair, it brings smiles to your children's faces. At least it does to one of mine.

My son is perpetually cold, so winter mornings aren't the most fun to wake up to. After getting him out of bed, the next hardest thing is prying him off the heater long enough to eat breakfast. He must be related to a lizard, because he can't move until his body temperature reaches volcanic proportions.

One day as I was mulling the problem over, a lightbulb went off. I have a hair dryer. It's hot. I can direct that heat anywhere I want it to go. Bingo.

So the next morning, after rolling said son out of bed, instead of letting him zombie-walk to the heating vent, I directed him into the bathroom and held up the blowdryer with a smile.

If his eyes had been open, I'm sure I'd have received a serious "huh?" look. But instead, I pushed a little button and began waving the heat over him.

You know how a cat wears a purr? Well, within a second, so did my son. And within three minutes, he was toasty pink, wide awake and happily getting ready for school.

Now all I need is a modern device that magically cleans the house and makes dinner.


  1. Ohhh, sign me up for the cleaning/cooking device!

    Do your son shoot the hot air into his clothes? That's the best.

  2. I mean does. *smacks head several times*

  3. Leisha, ha ha! Anything written before 7:00 a.m. gets an automatic free pass on making sense. You get bonus points for catching and correcting it! And yes, he shoots the blow dryer down the neck of his shirt and grins like crazy. The best part is it's so hot he can only stand it so long before he has to air out.

  4. Ha ha! What a brilliant idea! I may use the hairdryer myself then next time I get too cold...

  5. Lydia, If only it didn't dry your skin, it might have become the next winter rage : )

  6. HitomiNeko, inspiration is 99% desperation. Good luck and I'm sorry about your car.


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