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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lesson 22 - Tahitian Girl - Clothing with Prismacolor Pencils


Just a reminder. We're only a few weeks away from finishing this drawing and announcing the winner. The winner gets the first print print of my finished Tahitian Girl drawing. See the link above for instructions on how to enter.

Now, back to the art lesson.

We're ready to tackle cloth. I want it to have warm tones, so, other than the first grey layer, I've chosen my colors to reflect that. Cloth is really fun to do. There are folds, deep shadows, sharp highlights, colorful midtones, and it will reflect colors of the skin as well. Are you ready?

Step 1: Take French Grey #1074 and put in the shadows. In the shaded are just below the bottom of the neckline, I'm barely shading a spot where light will be showing through. I'm also leaving a spot on the right shoulder where light is hitting. It's fun seeing it come through, even this early. Wait until we add color!

Step 2: I'm still adding shape to the cloth, but also adding color. Using Light Umber #941, lightly shade the entire surface, except for the upper left shoulder where the brightest highlights will be.

Step 3: Now I'm ready for the main tone. I'm using Ginger Root #1084 to go over everything again, except for the upper left corner. Now, I've done this enough, I know that my final layer will be white, which will lighten whatever is under it, so I need to shade a bit darker than I want it to be.

Step 4: My shadows have been mellowed by the Ginger Root. To add more color and warmth, use Sienna Brown #945. It's a rich brown that will add a lot to the drawing. But be sure to go lightly. It can overpower the shadow if you're not careful.

Step 5: Okay, now the shadows look good, but need to be darker. Use Dark Umber #947.

Step 6: Now take Ginger Root again, and add a fairly heavy layer. Smooth out the cloth using a Blending Stick #1077. We're almost done.

Step 7: I love it when I get to this step. Now we're ready to make the highlights pop. Using White, hit all the areas not in shadow on the left, and along the neckline. Also skiff the highlighted spot on the right shoulder. Use Sienna Brown to accent any shadows that you want to warm or emphasize.

Ooh, I can hardly wait to draw the skin. But . . . let's do the background first. That way, we'll know how intense to make the skin colors, so that the girl really stands out.

Come back next week as we start the clouds in the sky.


  1. She's looking awesome! I can't wait for you to get to the skin. :)

  2. I love how you do the drapery of her clothes. That was always so hard for me!

  3. Lydia, thanks. Folds are always fascinating. There's so much form, color, and variation, but when you take one small area at a time, it's much easier.


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