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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lesson 23 - Tahitian Girl - Storm Cloud with Prismacolor Pencils

If you've followed the previous weeks, I'm sure you'll see the pattern of drawing with Prismacolor Pencils:
First, Highlights
Then, Shadows
Then, the Main color
Finish with Accents.

This week still follows that pattern.

Here we go:

Step 1: Highlights: Use Cream #914 on the underside of the top cloud. Sorry, this photo turned out blurry. Click on it to get a closer look.

Step 2: We're still in the highlights. Use Peach #939 above the cream, going slightly into the cream, and putting a light layer about halfway up into the cloud.

Step 3: Ready to get dramatic? Bring on the Shadows with Warm Grey 70%, #1056. Keep your pencil sharp and you won't have to fight the texture of the board/or paper so much. Taper and soften your strokes as you come to the bottom of the cloud, feathering the grey into the Peach and Cream.

Step 4: Want to get more dramatic? Add the main color, Violet #932, again softening your strokes and feathering into the highlighted bottom. 

Step 5: Okay, let's go back and reemphasize the highlights. Put in another layer of Peach along the cloud bottoms, feathering it into the cream and slightly into the Violet above.

Step 6: Do the same thing with Cream from the very bottom edge of the cloud, feathering it into the Peach and Violet.

Step 7: We're ready to smooth it out. Using your Colorless Blender #1077, blend everything, filling in the holes. Again, keep it sharpened and it will go smoother.

Voila! Look how it makes the highlighted leaves stand out.

Next week: More of the sky.


  1. I want to be you one day. It is so awesome to watch this picture unfold. :)

  2. Leisha, ha ha, you really don't, but thanks anyway!

  3. Wow, you get so much realistic depth with clouds. And I thought drapery was hard!

  4. Lydia, if you haven't, I hope you try Prismacolors some time. They're very simple to use, very forgiving, and have fantastic results. Clouds are so much fun to do, using them.


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