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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lesson 24 - Tahitian Girl - Sun-Lined Clouds with Prismacolor

1. We're ready to do the low clouds. First use White # 938 to outline the highlights.

2. Take Cream #914 to add the highlights that aren't stark white.

3. Now we're ready for the dark, dramatic shadows using Warm Grey 70% # 1056.

4. We'll add the main tone, Parma Violet #1008 over the grey, pushing harder in the areas where the clouds thicken.

5. Now, we'll add a subtle red into the cloud-tops using Beige Sienna #1080. They're coming alive.

6. To really add some heat, we'll take Sand # 940 along the bottom of the clouds, making sure to gently taper our color up.

7. Okay, we have all the colors we want. Now it's time to use the Blending Stick # 1077 to smooth and blend our colors. Go back with white and cream to touch up and soften the bottom and top edges of the clouds.

I can hardly wait to put the sky behind it, but that will have to wait for next week. Doing a flat area is the biggest challenge with Prismacolors. It takes a lot of patience and very smooth, even strokes. Come back and see how to do it next week!


  1. It is looking amazing. I love seeing it come together piece by piece.

  2. Leisha and Lydia, thank you! And me, too. It's always like waiting for Christmas to come, to see the finished product.


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