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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lesson 25 - Tahitian Girl - Sky with Prismacolor Pencils

There is still time to enter the Contest to win the first print when this drawing is finished. See this link for details:

Here we go on the sky behind the clouds.

1. Start with White #938 and brighten the sun.

2. Now we go to the darkest area of sky. One mistake many people make is using colors that are too bright. We want the sky dramatic, but we don't want it stealing the show. So use Slate Gray #936 in the upper left area. Slate Gray has blue tones, but is very earthy and won't make your blue too bright. Don't worry, we'll add some more color over it later.

3. Now go to the lower area and use Cream #914. Like the Slate Gray, Cream is an earthy color and not overly bright. Rough in some light sunrays, too.

4. Now to warm it up some more. Using Lilac #956, which is a very mellow purple, go over the Slate Gray and feather your Lilac down almost (but not quite) into the sun area. We're going around, but not touching the sunrays, which are beginning to stand out.

5. Now we can see where we want more pure color. Go back with True Blue #903 over the upper area, feathering it into the colors below, but not quite going to the bottom.

6. We'll add a deeper yellow also. Using Deco Yello #1011, which is still a somewhat mellow yellow (but stronger in color than Cream), warm up the area around the sun and feather up. I'm going over the sunrays, too.

7. Okay, we're ready to smooth it out. Using a Colorless Blender #1077 and White, touch up the rough spots and mellow out the sunrays.

Next week, the mountain!


  1. Gorgeous as always. I love watching this evolve.

  2. Thanks, Leisha! Evolution happens way too slow, though, ha ha!

  3. I love the light and dark evolving in this. Uh, oh, I said "evolve" too!

    You know, it would be really cool to see a video of you doing some of your drawing. It still seems like magic how it just shows up as you say it's supposed to. :)

  4. Lydia, well there are bumps along the way. I mess up often, but I've messed up enough, I can usually fix it. Hm. Maybe I'll do a video sometime. Thanks for the idea!


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